Swati Tirunal Krtis by  Dr Baby Sreeram

Swati Tirunal Krtis by Dr Baby Sreeram

Dr Baby Sreeram teaches some exquisite masterpieces of Maharaja Swati Tirunal in this 2 day interactive masterclass session. Some of the rare masterpieces on Devi taught here are rich in terms of lyrical beauty and musicality.
Notations provided.

Compositions covered in this masterclass session are:
1. Santatam Bhajaamiha- Bilahari
2. Devi Jagajjanani - Shankarabharanam
3. Mamava Jagadeeshwara - Saraswati Manohari
4. Paahi Sarasanabha - Saveri
5. Sahasika Dhanujahara - Shuddha Saveri
6. Aliveni - Kuranji
7. Andholika vahane - Anandabhairavi

Maharaja Swati Tirunal uses interesting and scholarly adjectives to describe the beauty of Devi in these compositions. He refers to Her as Aliveni, Jagat janani , Karunaamayi etc. Such compositions enhance a musician's creativity and vocabulary.

Notations for the compositions taught in the masterclass session are available in the e-book Maharaja Swati Tirunal's Compositions

These rare masterpieces are an excellent addition to the repertoire of Carnatic Music.

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Swati Tirunal Krtis by  Dr Baby Sreeram

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