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Mahadeva - Jhinjhoti-Bhajan

Compositions on Lord Shiva - Dr Sriram Parasuram • 1h 11m

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  • Galebhujanga - Desh-Bhajan

    Dr Sriram Parasuram teaches a bhajan Galebhujanga on Lord Shiva in Raga Desh. He teaches the nuances of the raga before the composition.

  • Khele masaneme hori - Misra Maand-Bhajan

    Dr Sriram teaches a composition on Lord Shiva in the folk style in Raaga Misra Maand, Khele Masane mein hori, which describes the Lord playing in the cemetry, wearing a serpent around his neck.

  • Ullavaru shivalaya - Madhuvanti - Bas...

    Dr Sriram teaches a Basavanna's vachana in Kannada, Ullavaru Shivalayava maduvaru, in the beautiful raga Madhuvanti. Here Basavanna exclaims that the others build temples for the Lord, but for me, my organs of the body form the different structures of the temple.